Poetic Thoughts: "Letter to my Unborn Sun"

 Art: Deun Ivory

Art: Deun Ivory

Letter to my Unborn Sun

To my unborn Sun

I promise

Like two pinkies could squeeze any harder to hold you

I promise

As though my mouth could spew louder how I feel

I promise

That when they come and take your flowing brown body

i promise I’ll have told you how beautiful I think you are

How mesmerized I’ll always be with your big brown eyes

How sensitive your touch is to my small hands

Hands that cannot hold you

Hands that cannot engulf you

To hands that cannot protect you

I promise

i will try with all my might to shelter your brown skin from flaming fires

That familiar cracks of firework will not be the last sounds you hear

I promise

I’ll let you cry when your body seems like a cage to your deepest desires

That I will let you triumph in your sensitivity

Allow you to showcase that as strength

I promise

That when I birth you into this world I will not badger you too much

Stay calm

Move slowly

Speak softly

Answer quickly

Don’t make any sudden movements

I promise

I won’t wait until you’re unrecognized body dangling

Hanging limp from poplar seat

You won’t have

to wait for my lips to grace your ears like symphonies

You’re brilliant

You’re loved

You’re radiant

You’re kind

You’re creative

I love you

We love you

Make sure you love you too

I promise

If they do collect your brown sparkling youth loosely

Know you are precious

You are irreplaceable

Your name will ring through high heavens and you will shine down on us like the Sun

artAma Gora