Natural Pain & Stress Remedies


Over the summer, I was in quite the accident, where a deck collapsed about two stories at a Brooklyn apartment. I had a concussion, a gash on my head, and some other bruises. I still experience occasional migraines and other pains. I’ve always been extremely in touch with my body and mind, and have always had a knack for healthy living. But my experience over the summer truly woke me up and made me realize the importance of holistically taking my health, self care and love, extremely seriously. Doctors were telling me to take different types of pain medicine. I did do this for a while but knowing myself, I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to be taking for a long period of time, because I like to consume, for the most part, things that don't have a lot of chemicals in them.

I spent a lot of time being upset and blaming myself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have no intent to appear as though I am perfect and have everything figured out now, because I still definitely have moments where I question the universe. But, I am beginning to see that, in some weird way, good things have come out of this horrible situation. I am learning so many natural and relatively inexpensive ways to care for myself that I may not have otherwise discovered, and this can only make me a wiser, better, healthier, and hopefully more helpful human being for the future.

I  noticed that these headaches and pains occur with the more stress I have in my life, and with the more stress in my life creates poor sleeping habits and other habits that end up being worse for my wellbeing in general. With that being said, I'm taking it upon myself to discover ways to relax and sooth any bodily pains more naturally. I hope my journey will also help those in similar positions or anyone who is interested in natural self-care regimens!


1.     Organic Sesame Oil

I use this sesame oil every morning as a mouthwash. Sounds weird, right? But the oil-pulling method (swishing the oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes) actually has medicinal properties in it that help to pull bacteria out of your body, which is why its important to not swallow it… because you don’t want those toxins going back into your body. This method also helps with migraines, allergies, asthma, and over all dental health. This is a great way to start your day, and generally cleanse your body each morning or every couple days… or however best suits your lifestyle!

For more info, watch my favorite YouTuber’s video:

2.     Passionflower

Can’t sleep due to stress? Passionflower is an amazing, herbal plant that has calming properties in it. It helps to calm the mind and body. I get mine at Whole Foods from a brand called Urban Moonshine.

3.     Maca Root Powder

Feeling low on energy due to stress or PMS?

Maca root powder is a natural caffeine-free energy boost. I like to add mine to a gluten- free oatmeal with honey and fruit. Or you can add it to your smoothie. A little goes a long way! And don’t necessarily use it everyday, just on occasions when you need a boost.

4.     Acupressure Mat

Have back or neck pains? Or just generally need to relax your body? Acupressure mats are perfect for letting go general pains. It helps with general blood circulation in your body as well. I’ve even fallen asleep on mine occasionally because it just makes my body so relaxed. I ordered mine from amazon.

(I also recommend real acupuncture as well! Treats arthritis, anxiety, depression and other pains and illnesses. But the mat is a good place to start for those who are afraid. But really, it doesn't hurt.)

5.     Anti- inflammatory foods

Too much inflammation in the body can cause pains and even other sicknesses. We have a natural amount of inflammation that our bodies use to fight illnesses but when we have too much, our bodies get out of balance. And also stress causes more inflammation, which is something I still struggle with. But foods like pineapples, kale, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, and almonds are all good for reducing this. I stay away from gluten and dairy as much as I can because of this as well.

 I definitely still struggle with stress and pain management every now and then, but these are some of the things I’m learning to help myself with along my journey, and I hope it helps you too. Aside from these little tips, it’s important that you’re exercising or stretching when you’re stressed, in addition to fueling yourself with the proper foods, which I often have to remind myself too. I find myself struggling, recently with finding consistent time to work out, but I’ve started doing my own yoga and stretching in my room in the morning to get me going when. It’s also always important to get your bodily pains checked out by a professional, but these tips are good for minor pains and daily life stressors.

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